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Handcrafted Artisan Revitalization Program

Introducing a new program of Arts2People called the Handcrafted Artisan Revitalization Program (HARP). The programs helps to physically and economically revitalize vacant commercial real estate by connecting it with local cultural assets already working in the community. The HARP revitalizes not only the program locations but also helps artist participating in the program by connecting them to multiple sales venues and opportunities. A basic membership to the HARP is only $25 but provides artists with a large list of benefits.

The mission of the HARP is: Create an economic development initiative activating underutilized commercial development incorporating regional creative professionals. While there is no jury for a basic membership, most of the opportunities presented by the HARP have a free jury open only to the HARP membership.

Click Here to become a HARP member

The promotion of the HARP has Five main components and I invite you to volunteer or sign up to participate in one or more of these important pillars of the HARP.

1. Solicit and Receive donations of commercial retail and warehouse space in need of physical and/or economic revitalization. Each different location is assessed for its potential and a site specific plan created for each location.

2. Distribute donated properties to specifically qualified hand makers already working in the community for use as a production or retail facility. Artists apply for available opportunities and agree to special HARP operational guidelines.

3. Operate a collective marketing group exposing artists and the HARP. Includes non profits working in the arts as well as participating artists and galleries.

4. The Demonstration Group help promote the HARP within the community. Demonstrations are available to participate in multiple cultural events each month.

5. The Art Rotation Program (ARP) promotes artists, galleries and the HARP. Art consigned to the HARP is displayed in participating offices, restaurants and galleries and more.

Handcrafted Holiday Market

Now available for HARP members is the Handcrafted Holiday Market in downtown Asheville NC. This indoor seasonal market is your chance to have downtown Biltmore Avenue exposure for your art this holiday season. The market will run from November 15th through December 24th. Become a member of the HARP today to sign up for space in the market.

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Help Local Artists

Arts 2 People is looking for individuals and businesses that want a highly visible way to express their support for the arts. We are seeking sponsors and program funding but what we need most right now are locations to host our programming. We need office space, warehouse space, studio space and retail space. If you or someone you know can provide Arts 2 People with an operational space, please contact me ASAP. All donations are tax deductible as Arts 2 People is a 501(c)3.

Your support is paramount to the success and future of Arts 2 People. You can directly help artists create a sustainable living through their craft. At the same time, you can provide yourself with added visibility in our arts-based community. LAAFF enticed 25% of the population of Asheville to come to Lexington Avenue last year. This October, Asheville Art in the Park generated more than $50,000 for artists after only 21 hours of vending. To meet the needs of Asheville area artists, we have combined our efforts to form the HARP but we need your help for it to succeed. Please consider helping in one of the following ways:

Volunteer directly to help build and promote the HARP. We have a new volunteer coordinator, Eric, who can guide you in assisting us with everything from social web promotion to event staffing.
Donate directly to the HARP. Direct donations help provide programming locations, cover administration costs and insurance for artists and studios. Your important donation is completely tax deductible and you will receive publicity in the HARP’s promotional materials relative to your gift amount.
Participate in the HARP. Host or participate in a demonstrations. Curate a small gallery on the wall of your office or a friend’s by joining the Art Rotation Program. Produce and manage media assets for production as part of the Marketing Group if you have digital talents, or just join in the fun at one of our many upcoming events and fundraisers.

If you love Asheville and its art culture, now is the time to activate your effort and join the fight to help local artists make it here. Help us offer the services, opportunities and support structure they need to succeed in one of the most competitive art markets in the country. Please contact us directly at: -Andrew or - Kitty or -Jen